The 3 Male Actors K-Netizens Want To See In A Romantic Comedy ASAP

Netizens want them to be the main lead.

Although there are plenty of romantic comedy K-Dramas to watch, Korean netizens noticed that a few male actors seem to be avoiding the genre.

Because they’ve never starred in one as a main lead, here are the three talented actors K-netizens want to see in a Rom-Com asap.

The first actor viewers want to see in a light-hearted romance is Lee Do Hyun. He’s been taking darker roles, like the melodramas Melancholia and Youth of May. He’s even appeared in Netflix‘s revenge thriller The Glory.

Lee Do Hyun

The next actor netizens chose was Kim Sung Cheol. He’s starred in the melodrama The Wind Blows, the historical drama Arthdal Chronicles, and the black comedy Prison Playbook. Although he came close with the romantic comedy Our Beloved Summer, netizens want Kim Sung Cheol to snatch up the lead role next.

Kim Sung Cheol | @sungcheol2/Instagram

Kim Bum is the last actor netizens noticed that hasn’t had the lead role in a rom-com. He’s been starring in fantasy dramas like Tale of the Nine Tailed, Ghost Doctor, and Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938. Kim Bum had a reason for not starring in one, though.

Kim Bum

Because netizens’ posts had gone viral, Kim Bum had seen the list and addressed it during his appearance on The K-Star Next Door. He revealed that he’s just waiting for the right romantic comedy role that would fit him.

So netizens don’t have to be too sad. Maybe Lee Do Hyun and Kim Sung Cheol are waiting for the right romantic roles too.

Source: YouTube