A Korean Actress Got Called “Not Hot” By Her Own Movie And, Well…It Was Right

Contrary to what it might look like, they were not trying to diss her.

A few years ago, an actress named Yuna Song became a hot topic on social media after some people noticed her name credited in a movie in a rather intriguing manner.

In the photo posted by the OP (original poster), Yuna Song could be seen mentioned in the role of “Korean Girl,” whereas a bunch of other actresses were credited as “Hot Korean Girls” right below her name.

The internet was plagued with questions — why wasn’t Yuna Song considered hot? Who was she? Which movie was it from? And soon enough, the answers arrived. The film in question was a famous Hollywood movie, The Interview, starring big names like Randall Park, James Franco, Seth Rogen,and Diana Bang.

The official release poster of “The Interview” | Wikimedia Commons

The Interview is a 2014 black-comedy-meets-political satire where two journalists set up an interview with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and then are recruited by the CIA to assassinate him.

But where was Yuna Song in this movie? Well, she had a considerable amount of screen time, and in fact, the film opens with her long solo shot. It turns out the credits were pretty accurate, as she quite literally plays a little girl who is singing a satirical version of the North Korean national anthem at the beginning of the movie.

On the other hand, the “Hot Korean Girls” were the lingerie-clad girls from Kim Jung Un’s private harem in the movie. These women feature in a scene where Kim Jung Un (played by Randall Park) parties with Dave Skylark (played by James Franco).

So, as it turns out, Yuna Song not being credited as a “Hot Korean Girl” was not a debatable incident at all. But maybe the only distinction between an underage actor and adult women shouldn’t have been the word “hot.” At least, that’s what some netizens on Reddit felt.

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