Korean Actress Shares Terrifying Story During Sauna, Shows Why Celebrities Avoid Them

The story will give you the chills.

Korean Actress Lee Bon once shared a terrifying story of her encounter with a stranger during a sauna session, which showed why celebrities are hesitant about them.

Lee Bon was chatting with her friend and actress Lee Seung Yeon in the sauna when she heard a shutter sound.


The sound seemed to have come from the cell phone of the lady sitting in front of her.


Lee Bon stated that she felt as if the camera was facing her.


So she asked the lady if she could see the photo she just took.


The lady apparently rejected Lee Bon’s request and stubbornly refused to show the photos.


After Lee Bon politely requested to see the photo again…


The lady finally responded by saying that she would erase the photo.


Just as she suspected, there were two photos of her in the woman’s phone.


She explained that she got goosebumps all over after seeing what the lady had done, especially because she was completely naked when she took the photos.


Lee Bon concluded by saying that she doesn’t go to the sauna ever since the incident.

Source: Pann Nate
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