Korean Actress Suffers Hate Comments for Roaming Outdoors Without a Mask

She responded to the criticism in a graceful manner.

Actress Ki Eun Se took to her Instagram account to calm down sensitive netizens who are very worried about the current coronavirus situation in Korea.

Ki Eun Se uploaded a photo of the food she prepared herself and captioned it, “Because of COVID-19, we’re all worried and having a hard time.

She continued, “I know it’s a sensitive time, but let’s not get angry. I’ll look for ways to help out the areas that are struggling. Let’s all hang in there.

Ahead of this message, Ki Eun Se shared a photo of herself taking a walk along Han River with her dog, and captioned it, “Getting some fresh air with Cloud after a meeting. I took off my mask for the photo.

Although it was just for a moment, netizens criticized Ki Eun Se for her behavior, claiming it wasn’t mannerly to other people to not have a mask on.

When the hate comments grew severe, Ki Eun Se closed her comment section and followed it up with her most recent message.

Here’s hoping everyone stays safe in this sensitive time.

Source: Insight