Korean American Chef Calls out Severe Racism in the States Triggered by the Coronavirus Outbreak

“I am wearing a mask to protect myself from the ‘racist virus.'” – Lee Ji Yeon

Former singer and now Korean American chef, Lee Ji Yeon criticized the racism that’s been taking place in the States in light of the coronavirus outbreak.

The star took to her Instagram account to tell people not to kick her or yell for wearing a mask and that Asians wearing masks doesn’t mean they’re necessarily sick.

Don’t yell at me or kick me if you see me on a mask! Asian wearing a mask doesn’t mean they are sick.

– Lee Ji Yeon

She then urged her followers to stop the racism against Asians.

No racism on Coronavirus pls…

– Lee Ji Yeon


Lee Ji Yeon also shared a story of what happened to her friend at a Costco location in the States.

My Korean friend was shopping at Costco, someone told her ‘back off!’

– Lee Ji Yeon

She stressed once more that the coronavirus sparked racism in the States by referring to it as the “racist virus.”

I am wearing mask for protecting myself from ‘racist virus.’

– Lee Ji Yeon


Lee Ji Yeon debuted back in 1987 as a singer with the hit song “Wind, Please Stop Blowing”, but later immigrated to the States and became a  chef.

Source: Insight