The Korean Nickname For BTS’s Jimin That Most International Fans Don’t Know About

But it’s absolutely spot-on.

One of BTS Jimin‘s most beloved nicknames is absolutely spot-on, but most international fans don’t know about it just because of how hard it is to translate! Korean ARMYs have been calling him this for the longest time – park-ga-sang-gwi. It is a shortened form of the Korean phrase that means “even if Park Jimin stays still, his surroundings work to make him look cute“.

1. Trophy, or tongs?

What’s cute about this photo is that he’s holding a trophy, but somehow, it looks like he is holding a pair of tongs!

2. Confetti emoji

Not only did confetti choose to land on Jimin, they ended up making a cute emoji face.

3. What goes on?

Originally, a photo of him on a wall looked liked this.

As time went by, somehow he ended up with steam coming out of his nose. We’re not too sure what went on either but the situation managed to work around Jimin once again.

4. Unintentional bunny

Those bunny ears weren’t even meant for him!

5. Unintentional bunny part two

Once again, an optical illusion that made him twice as cute.

| theqoo

6. Confetti attack

He’s literally just standing there.

7. With the help of the other boys

Somehow Jimin fell asleep on Lee Hyun‘s arm, and the rest of the boys saw it as a photo-op!

| theqoo

8. Eating a sandwich

Seriously, how can someone be this adorable?

| theqoo

9. While watching the fans

Jimin had thought that the car windows were tinted, and hence just showed his normal expression while looking out at the fans. However, as there was an exceptional amount of fans on that day, his confused expression was revealed to fans.

10. He’s a magnet…

…for cuteness! Er, and balls, we suppose.

| theqoo   

Jimin sure makes everything look twice as cute! Stay tuned as BTS is set to release their new album, BE, on 20 November 2020.

Source: theqoo