K-ARMYs Kicked Off A #BlackSwanChallenge Among Themselves… And It’s Breaking Their Backs

Making ARMYs work out? Sounds like classic BTS.

BTS dropped their first single for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, “Black Swan”, and ARMYs are celebrating in the most ARMY-kind-of-way possible: By trending a hashtag on Twitter!


As soon as the song came out, ARMYs took inspiration from the title “Black Swan” and started a #흑조챌린지 (#BlackSwanChallenge), which involves this “Swan Dive” move.


And while ARMYs meant to aim for the grace and elegance of this particular black swan…


… they have come to face the reality. As ARMYs dressed in black filmed themselves trying out the challenge…


… they realized they may need to start working out!


International ARMYs are joining the struggle…


… as BTS encourages ARMYs to continue “doing their thangs” and working those glutes!

ICYMI, here’s “Black Swan” that simply slaps:

Source: THEQOO