The Korean Artist Whose Life Transformed After Unexpected Encounter With Professor

The interaction triggered a series of events that led to her debut.

Soloist Lee Mujin returned with a new episode of his popular musical talk show, Leemujin Service, and this time his featured guest was singer-songwriter Heize.

Heize recently made her comeback with her eighth mini-album, Last Winter. While promoting her new music, she joined Lee Mujin and told the story of how her singing career unfolded under unexpected circumstances.

| @heizeheize/Instagram

Heize revealed that she became interested in songwriting while in secondary school, but it wasn’t until she was 22 that she began to dream of being a singer. At the time, she was a third-year college student studying business administration.

While in a statistics class, she was caught secretly writing lyrics by her professor. Instead of punishing her for writing lyrics during class, the professor encouraged Heize to pursue songwriting.

Heize admitted she hadn’t thought of pursuing it until that moment and began contemplating moving to Seoul to become a singer.

That same weekend, she voiced her thoughts to her parents, who wanted her to focus on her academics instead.

Heize used her parents’ opposition as fuel to do better in school and returned to college to become the top student during her next semester.

After proving she could apply herself academically, her parents allowed her to take a one-year leave from school to move to Seoul to pursue her dream.

Heize shared that she had a difficult time after moving to Seoul and had worked three part-time jobs so she wouldn’t need to ask her parents for money.

After releasing one single, she moved back home and became the top student in her class again before moving to Seoul to try to become a singer one more time.

Although it was tough then, Heize shared that the lessons she learned stuck with her and continue to be helpful.

She added that, “Endure, work hard, don’t give up, and you’ll make it!” continues to be a driving mantra for her.

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