The Only Korean Artist Who IU Could Not Overtake On Music Charts, As Confirmed By IU Herself

IU was disappointed, but there’s a twist.

When IU appeared on a radio show, the host mentioned that her song “Blueming” was only able to gain 2nd place on the music charts.


IU sighed as she replied, “There’s someone I just can’t seem to beat….”


The host then revealed that IU’s “Blueming” couldn’t take home the trophy for best digital single in November because of… IU’s “Love Poem”!


IU opened up about how she was disappointed that “Blueming” lost, but revealed she’s also a fan of the song that “beat” her.

I am.. a little.. disappointed, but “Love Poem” seems to be a good song.. I also enjoy listening to it. I don’t feel that great but I have to admit that it’s a good song.

— IU

Since IU seems to be doing really well these days.. I guess I’ll just have to work harder!

— IU


“Love poem” and “Blueming” are included in the same mini album released by IU, and she ended up competing against herself for 1st place not just on music charts but also music shows!


And this isn’t the first time IU lost out to IU! IU’s been competing against and constantly losing (and also winning) because of her other songs!


IU vowed to work harder so that she can beat her one rival – herself!

Source: Nate Pann
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