Korean Boy Endures Years of Abuse… And Why He Didn’t Ask For Help Will Make You Ugly Cry

Warning: This article contains detailed information on child abuse.

Three years ago, when the local welfare center introduced a private tutor “A” to a Korean mother “B”, B thought it was “a true blessing” for her 11-year-old son. She recalled her first impression of A to be “kind, gentle, and soft spoken”. On paper, A had all the qualifications desirable in a tutor too — like her background in psychology and a respectable amount of teaching experience.

And B, who had lost vision in both eyes, always felt like she couldn’t fully help her children. So she had no doubt that these center-sponsored tutoring sessions would benefit her son who is also mildly visually impaired. B and her son looked forward to having A visit regularly.

Once A began her visits, however, B began hearing things from concerned neighbors who could see her son.

The ladies in the neighborhood would tell me, ‘Your son is bruised again.’ They said the bruises looked like they came from a fight. When I asked my son though, he would simply tell me that he fell and hurt himself. He told me not to worry, so there really wasn’t anything I could do.

— B

While B’s suspicion grew, she actually couldn’t even begin to grasp what might be happening to her son. It was only when, one day, B’s daughter heard some disturbing sounds coming from her younger brother’s room during the tutoring session…

I was out in the living room when I heard some thuds and then my brother whimpering…

— B’s Older Sister

… that B finally learned the ugly truth behind A. With the help of other family members, B had set up a hidden nanny cam that looked into her son’s room.

And during A’s next visit, B waited in another room — listening to all the violent audio from this most horrific footage being streamed live.

Why didn’t you finish this? Why are you lying? You keep lying so much to me. This is a serious problem kid. Do you know how hard it is for me to be emotionally drained like this every time I have to see you?

— A

B simply couldn’t believe the madness that went down in her own house.

My son is visually impaired. I would never think of laying a finger around his face because even the smallest impact could affect his eyes. He could go blind, if not careful. To think that A slapped him around like that… because she knew I wouldn’t find out… It breaks my heart. It’s all my fault.

— B

Once it became clear that A had been abusing her son all along, B confronted the monster by getting the police involved to have her arrested immediately.

Police: We received a report that you’ve been abusing this boy during your tutoring sessions. Is this true?
A: … I may have pinched his cheek a little bit.
Police: Why did you pinch his cheek?
A: Because he kept skipping on finishing his homework…
Police: You are now under arrest for child abuse. You have the right to an attorney…

When accused though, A put up the most shameless act and appealed that “It was out of an excessive amount of affection” for B’s son. She even had the audacity to criticize B for “traumatizing the boy” by “showing [her] get arrested by the police in front of his eyes.”

You have to understand, sometimes I get really dedicated and think my students are like my own kids. I care too much and I love them too much. So it frustrates me when they aren’t doing their best. That’s simply who I am. And having me arrested like that, in front of the kid? That wasn’t the best thing to do, educationally. Can you imagine how shocked he must have felt? To see his trusted tutor get hauled out of the house by the police like that? And it’s not like I trampled him or anything…

— A

But of course, anyone can see the truth. What really traumatized B’s son the most is A’s ruthless beating — confident that she wouldn’t get caught because B wouldn’t be able to see the signs. When adolescent psychology experts asked B’s son why he never asked for help to get out of the situation, he answered:

I don’t know why she was so angry all the time. I understand that people can get frustrated, but I don’t understand why she took it out on me. It was really hard. But I didn’t say anything because I didn’t want my mom to worry. I thought if she found out, the whole family would end up feeling bad and becoming really stressed about me. I didn’t want that. If I kept my mouth shut and endured everything, it was okay. That’s why I didn’t ask for help.

— B’s Son

B made her son promise never to hide anything from her, trying to solve problems on his own.

Please don’t ever go through anything alone ever again. You have to promise to tell me everything. I promise it’s okay to let me know.

— B

Meanwhile, A’s case of child abuse has been taken under thorough investigation. The welfare center, which introduced A to B, ended up admitting that A actually comes with history of “pinching” other students and hence being dismissed from previously assigned families. Yet A and her lawyer are pushing to minimize the severity of the situation to lower the penalty — insisting that the “abuse” only happened that one time when the nanny cam was running.

Korean netizens are absolutely appalled by the fact that A even stands a chance of walking away from this without “fully paying for what she did”.

  • “He’s such a good boy… and A beat him to relieve her stress! Child abuse needs to be taken seriously. She needs to be fully punished for what she did.”
  • “Wow… What an evil b*tch that is…”
  • “I’m so upset and frustrated that I’m literally crying over this.”
  • “He’s only a boy! Why would anyone hit a boy? She’s out of her mind. And the boy is all grown up already. He’s so mature for his age… This breaks my heart.”
  • “My heart is shattering into a million pieces right now…”