8 Korean Celebrities Who Spoiled Their Managers With Very Expensive Gifts

Cars, security deposits, and even weddings!

Korean celebrities and their managers have the closest relationships you can imagine due to the long hours spent together on the job.

As such it’s not uncommon for generous stars to spend a great deal of money to express their gratitude for their hard-working managers.

Here are 8 Korean celebrities who spoiled their managers with very expensive gifts:

1. Psy

The world-famous singer, Psy paid for his manager’s wedding expenses. This gift was to thank his manager for being by his side since his early debut days. Although he was unable to attend the actual wedding, he jokingly sent over a wreath that read, “International Singer Psy.

2. Kim Young Kwang

Just like Psy, Kim Young Kwang also paid for his managers’ wedding expenses. That was his way of thanking his manager for working with him for 10 whole years. That’s not all. Kim Young Kwang also hosted the wedding, proving their very close relationship.

3. Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki gifted his manager, who has been by his side since his debut days, with a nice car. Before he went through with it, Song Joong Ki often said, “I need to make it so that my manager can drive around a nice car.” According to an insider, Song Joong Ki gifted his manager with the same recent model he was driving around.

4. Dok2

Korean rapper Dok2 also spent a great deal of money to buy his manager a car. Dok2 even revealed the process of buying his manager a car on his social media. It’s been revealed that the car he gifted cost 80 million won (~$70,000 USD). On top of that, Dok2 also gifted his manager a designer watch, proving his generous ways.

5. Lee Hyori

Singer Lee Hyori gifted her manager, who was with her since her Fin.K.L days with a car. Not only did she buy her manager a car, but she let him pick it out herself.

6. Sunmi

Sunmi expressed her gratitude for her manager, who has been around since her Wonder Girls days, with a large security deposit. Her manager was unable to move houses due to the expensive security deposit, so Sunmi decided to help her out. Regarding the help, Sunmi said, “I’m not able to buy her a house at the moment, but I wanted to help her out somehow.

7. Park Myung Soo

Park Myung Soo gifted his manager of a long time with a Macbook Air. His manager took to social media to express, “Park Myung Soo Hyung apologized for missing my birthday and gifted me with a Macbook Air. Thank you, Hyung, for the really generous gift. But now that I’ve received this, it’s your birthday tomorrow.

8. IU

Lastly, IU, who is well-known for her generosity toward fans, friends, and staff, also gifted her manager with a car for his wedding. On top of that, it’s also been revealed that the car she gave her manager was a Mercedes Benz. IU previously gained a lot of attention for singing and speaking at her manager’s wedding as well.