Korean College Student Famous For Her “Larger Face” Is Furious That Her Photo Was Used For A Photoshop Challenge

She was mocked in a Photoshop challenge on Facebook.

A few months ago, a Korean college student by the name of Cha Min Kyung appeared on KBS Joy’s Ask Anything to talk about her worry of having a “larger face”, and she soon became a viral sensation online.

Well, she recently took to her Instagram account to address how one of her photos were being used in a photoshop challenge on Facebook, and she’s absolutely furious.

| @charmming_mk/Instagram

Next to the original photo of Cha Min Kyung was what appeared to be a photoshopped version that made her face look smaller.

| @charmming_mk/Instagram

And she didn’t hold back in expressing her disgust via a lengthy post.

I’m so angry that I’m crying.

I thought it was immature to express all of my emotions through social media, so I tried to keep it to myself, but I came to the conclusion that there’s no need for me to hide, so I gathered the courage to express my thoughts.

A few days ago I had an amazing opportunity to capture myself at a photo studio. That day, I was so happy that I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to be that happy. And as I saw the ‘unnie’ who wanted to capture just that, who respected me and l liked me for who I am, I decided that I’d like to one day gift that kind of joy to someone else.

But I later heard that a group of people were in a private Facebook group doing a Photoshop challege with my photo. I tried multiple times to convince myself that it wasn’t worth wasting my time, but when I saw them doing such things without realizing that it was wrong, I was disappointed. Your inability to respect others is sly and foolish.

As I saw them, I felt more sorry to the ‘unnie’ who took that photo more than anything. I thought it was my fault for making the value of her photo go down in an instant because I’m that lacking.

After making many calls, I was told that they committed these acts thinking I was a public figure. But whether I am or not, it’s clear you don’t know where the line is when committing acts against other people.

I thought I had to accept a certain degree of criticism in order to walk my path toward my dreams. I thought I’ve become quite strong, and in efforts to become even stronger, I tried to suppress my emotions, but they ended up exploding today.

The thought that you, who have hurt me greatly, could be a cherished child, friend, or colleague of another makes me feel disgusted.

– Cha Min Kyung

On Ask Anything, Cha Min Kyung expressed her concern of having a “larger face”, but she explained that in order to pursue her dreams of opening her own online fashion website one day, she wanted to do marketing through her social media account.

She’s always been a victim of online hate, but this time, Cha Min Kyung refused to sit back and take it as netizens took it way too far.

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