Korean Company Receives High Praise For This Simple-But-Sincere Response To A Concerned Customer

“That response is golden.”

On February 28, 2020, a Twitter user by the handle of @yegurii posted pictures of a handwritten letter — and the tweet completely blew up the internet with over 10K likes and 25K retweets.

The letter came from Maeil Dairies, a South Korean dairy company, after @yegurii sent in a collection of plastic straws from the company’s beverage products that come with them.

A while back, I wrote a letter and mailed it to Maeil Dairies with a collection of plastic straws that come provided with the brand’s beverage products, as part of a movement to raise awareness about the environmental damages caused by these straws. While I did not expect a response, the company sent me this letter. I am simply thrilled to find out that Maeil is a company where I, as a customer, can request appropriate improvements and expect amendments to be made.

— Twitter @yegurii

This handwritten letter, drafted and signed by the company’s executive level chief customer officer (CCO), reads:

Maeil’s Manufacturing Warehouse

Dear (@yegurii’s legal name, blurred),

Hello, this is Maeil Dairies. First, I would like to express my deepest appreciation for you taking the time to send us a letter for the company’s best interest.

We have come to realize that the plastic straws, which we have provided in hopes of making things convenient for you, have instead made you feel uncomfortable. We believe this must be why you have mailed a collection of them back to us.

We completely agree with you and understand your will to be more environmentally friendly for a better future. We would like to join you in this movement as well.

As of now, we are researching ways to make the packaging for all our products environmentally friendly, so they do not require plastic straws for consumption. We ask for your generous understanding, however, because the research and the application of the final packaging will inevitably take time. We want to make sure that the new packaging design will not affect the quality of our products.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to review a more effective way to provide straws for beverages that require them.

— Maeil Dairies

Maeil’s on-the-go milk pack that comes with a plastic straw

With that said, we would like to ask you to keep your eyes on us and check how we do in making progress to become more environmentally friendly.

Again, we thank you for your utmost interest in Maeil Dairies and hope you have a wonderful day.

February 26, 2020
Maeil Dairies Chief Customer Officer Kim Jin Ki

— Maeil Dairies

This heartfelt response from Maeil Dairies has “restored humanity” for many Twitter users who came across the letter.

As someone who regularly buys this brand’s milk, I also thought the plastic straws are unnecessary. Thank you for stepping up and taking action about it though. I will continue to support Maeil, especially after seeing that sincere response!

I always thought big companies like Maeil would not care about the individual customer requests, so I ended up not buying this product in general… but I guess collecting the straws and sending them back made quite a statement. And that response is golden. I look forward to seeing Maeil progress even more.

I have also been collecting these straws, but could never think of what to do with them. I guess sending them back would have been a great idea! You did an amazing thing!

Plus, in celebration of the brand’s A+ response to @yegurii’s suggestion, netizens are commenting that they will begin supporting the company by purchasing their products!

Source: THEQOO