This Korean Couple In Their 50s Will Make You Rethink Everything You Know About Being Old

Age is just a number, after all.

Most of us have a very typical image in our heads when we think of growing old. Sagging skin, a weaker body, wrinkles- these are all the general physical attributes that we associate with aging. But a Korean couple out there is challenging all these negative perceptions about being old.

The Seoul-based couple goes by @okdong_fit on Instagram. Their content is largely focused on fitness and lifestyle, a genre that is not very inclusive of older people in general. But the 60-and-55-year-old have taken the challenge head-on! The two started their fitness journey together and became the most kickass senior couple you would ever see.

In a video where their daughter Grace narrated their fitness journey, she mentioned that her father got inspired by a trend in South Korea where people would work out for six months and then post their body transitions online. When he decided to hop onto this trend, his wife joined him too. Grace explained that her parents have always worked together as a team, so this was no exception.

The couple started training and dieting, and after six months, they got their profile pictures clicked. But even after the initial goal they worked towards was accomplished, they decided to continue further.


Apart from their workout routines, the senior couple also posts about their daily life. From going on dates to shopping for trendy athleisure to sharing diet plans, the ‘okdong_fit’ duo does it all and how!

If you think life peaks during your 20s, their Instagram feed could change your mind in a blink.