Korean Doctor Gets Sentenced For Murder After Aborting A 34-Week-Old Baby

He “aborted” the baby even when it cried.

Back in October of 2019, the news of “Dr. Yoon” — an obstetrician in his 60s caught “aborting” a 34-week-old baby for approximately $25,000 USD — completely shook the nation.

When the police began investigating the case, it became known that the baby — allegedly conceived after the 16-year-old teen mother had gotten raped — was delivered, not aborted, by Dr. Yoon via a C-Section in March of 2019. At 34 weeks old, which is only 6 weeks premature of the average 40-week full-term pregnancy, the baby reportedly “cried out loud” as it came into the world.

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Dr. Yoon, however, did not take the proper steps to ensure the safety of this newborn. Instead, the authorities accused Dr. Yoon of “suffocating the baby to death” by submerging the baby underwater in a plastic bin — though the exact details have not been confirmed.

Further investigation suggested that Dr. Yoon “froze the dead baby’s body, then disposed of it with the rest of the hospital’s medical waste.” Thus, Dr. Yoon had been charged with murder.

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Dr. Yoon disputed the allegations and insisted that he “only meant to abort, not kill”. Other witnesses claimed, however, that Dr. Yoon ordered his medical assistants to “fake” the records.

The baby was not breathing well on its own when it was delivered. It was foaming at the mouth and showed no sign of survival. I might have neglected in the care of the newborn which I admit, but I never intentionally murdered the baby by suffocating it in a bucket.

— Dr. Yoon

On April 10, 2020, the court ruled Dr. Yoon guilty of murder as charged. He has been sentenced to 3.5 years in prison, plus 3 years of suspension of his medical license.

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It is understandable that Dr. Yoon agreed to aborting the baby based on the mother’s plead that she had been raped and impregnated as a result. All of Dr. Yoon’s actions that followed, however, is unethical.

— Judge

Upon hearing the court’s decision, Korean netizens found themselves in a heated debate — mainly over the term “abortion” vs. “murder”.

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  • “Wow… I feel terrible for the doctor. Like what was he supposed to do in this case? The teen mom came begging for an abortion because she didn’t want a rapist’s baby. He only did what he thought he could… I don’t blame him.”
  • “Why would anyone feel bad for the doctor? He’s an obstetrician. He obviously knew the difference between a fetus that is small enough to be aborted vs. a fetus that is big enough to be delivered. There is no way this is an abortion. This is murder of a newborn.”
  • “Yes, this is murder. Yes, he needs to pay for killing a newborn. But I also understand why he did what he did… What would I have done in his shoes? I can’t even imagine. I can only believe that he did what he thought was best for his patient, the teen mom.”
  • “Excuse me??? What is everyone even saying? He got $25K for the procedure. Have you seen the picture of how big a 34-week-old fetus is? It’s a whole a*s baby. Any obstetrician who performs a C-section to deliver a 34-week-old baby would rightfully try to make it live — not put it under water to drown to death. This is hired murder.”
  • “Why couldn’t he deliver the baby and give it up for adoption or whatever? What was the reason to have it killed? How would this ever be considered abortion…?”

Many also discussed what may have led the teen mother to hold off the abortion until the 34th week:

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It is rather frequent when the rape victims have to wait through the initial trial to prove that their pregnancies have indeed resulted from rape. That’s why a lot of these victims end up aborting fetuses that are as old as 22-24 weeks old. It’s the system that f*cks them up. If this particular teen mom had indeed been raped, then there might be a solid reason as to why she couldn’t get the abortion any earlier than at 34 weeks. Please stop blaming the mom. What could she have done?

— Netizen

All netizens grew furious at the rapist and how he has “ruined everyone’s lives”.

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  • “Where is the rapist’s role in all of this mess? How come he gets to walk away?”
  • “You know who is at fault 200%? The f*cking rapist, that is who.”
  • “I bet the rapist is still out there somewhere, living his life. What bullsh*t is this!”
  • “How many lives did this rapist ruin with his dick?”
  • “Why aren’t they looking into the rape? They should be investigating and arresting the f*cking rapist who is the start of all this.”
Source: DongA News, Medigate News, MBC News and THEQOO