The 2 Trending K-Dramas That IU Can’t Get Enough Of

She’s just as excited to watch them as viewers.

As an actress who has starred in hit K-Dramas, IU was the perfect person for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine to ask for recommendations on the latest shows and movies.

IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU was super excited to recommend the groundbreaking movie Everything Everywhere All at Once. She said she “really, really, really enjoyed it a lot.” There were also two Korean dramas she couldn’t get enough of.

The first K-Drama IU named was the popular Crash Course in Romance, which made her happy just by talking about it.

I love dramas that make me feel glad like this. I remember falling asleep. I love ‘Crash Course in Romace.’

— IU

IU’s second recommendation took a sharp turn from romance. Like many viewers, she enjoyed Netflix‘s revenge drama The Glory and will be tuned into the next season.

I enjoyed watching ‘The Glory’ recently. I’m waiting for season two.

— IU

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