The 2 Korean Dramas Lovelyz’s Mijoo Watches Over And Over Again

They’re just that good.

From hosting multiple shows, Lovelyz‘s Mijoo is in the know about popular entertainment and shared some things she enjoys as well. Speaking with Marie Claire Korea, Mijoo shared two Korean dramas that she can’t stop watching.

Mijoo | @queen.chu_s/Instagram

When Mijoo spends time at home, watching TV is one of her biggest hobbies. She even watches the same shows over again, including two dramas she can’t get enough of.

I watch TV with this remote control in my hand at home. So this is one of the things with lots of my fingerprints. I watch what I watched before again.

— Mijoo

The first drama was one from 2016 that was loved by viewers. Mijoo named the famous drama Guardian: The Lonely And Great God (formerly known as Goblin).

Starring Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook, as an immortal guardian and a grim reaper respectively, that alone is enough to catch anyone’s interest. Mijoo was just as entertained by another popular drama too.

Guardian Poster | tvN

Switching genres, the second one Mijoo named was another tvN show: the highly-rated drama Hospital Playlist.

Hospital Playlist was so successful it earned two seasons where viewers eagerly followed the lives of a group of doctors that have known each other for years.

Hospital Playlist Poster

From the supernatural to the realistic, she has the basics covered. Check out some of Mijoo’s favorite shows that were so good she had to watch them not once but twice.