Korean Fanboy Psycho Pulls A Knife On His Younger Sister, after she insults his bias

The younger sister revealed the complete, horrifying story.

A younger sister explained what type of person her brother was that made him pull a knife on her during an argument.

“I don’t really talk to my brother. He’s kind of a shut-in. He quit school and he’s always at home, in his room looking at female idols dancing and what not.”

She kept emphasizing that there was nothing special about him or anything that stood out, her brother was simply a fanboy.

“That’s all he does. He’s just a fanboy.”

She then later talked about the events that led up to the knife incident.

“I noticed he was fanboying over this girl who was accused of being a bully so I told him he was fanboying a school bully.”

After accusing her brother’s bias of being a bully, he came at her with a knife.

“He suddenly snapped and came at me with a knife. Our father doesn’t mind him being such a fanboy but when he heard he came at me with a knife because I accused his bias of being a bully…”

She wasn’t hurt by the incident and didn’t follow up on her story, but the last thing she said created the best imagery of what kind of brother he was.

“Well… My brother is now in his room. He locked his room and he’s crying now.”

Source: Nate Pann (Google Cache)