Korean Fans Choose The Top 3 Visuals Among All Female Idol Groups

Do you agree with Korean netizens on these idols?

Korean Netizens have been debating over the top visuals in some of the hottest girl groups.

While they respected that each person has their own beauty ideals, they seemed to agree on the beauty of three members from Korea’s top three girl groups: TWICE, BLACKPINK, and Red Velvet.

The first idol that netizens couldn’t help but gush over was Red Velvet’s Irene.

  • “Irene! Irene! Irene! Irene!”

  • “Irene is crazy pretty in this picture!”

  • “Irene is just so beautiful!”

While every member of Red Velvet is a visual in their own right, netizens seemed to agree that there was a reason that Irene is the official visual for the group.

  • “Well….she is the visual. It is logical for them to be the prettiest.”

  • “Irene is a goddess!”

And they had nothing but praise for her classic beauty.

  • “Irene for me. She’s so unique, classy, she’s a wall tbh. She’s such a goddess.”

  • “Irene does the classic beauty look really well!”

And of course, netizens couldn’t forget about TWICE’s Tzuyu.

  • “Tzuyu’s body is good tooㅠㅠ seriously f*cking pretty.”

  • “Her proportions are so good!”

  • “Tzuyu is so beautiful.”

Although she may be the group’s maknae, her visuals have always left fans breathless and Korean netizens have also been feeling the effects of her visuals.

  • “Seriously what kind of fairy is Tzuyu?”

  • “How can she be this pretty?”

While everyone agreed that TWICE was full of beauties, Tzuyu rightly deserves her spot as the face of the group.

  • “Tzuyu is UNREAL! I can’t take my eyes off her!”

  • “Tzuyu is a living goddess.”

  • “Oh wow, Tzuyu a visual legend!”

Finally, they couldn’t stop praising BLACKPINK’s Jisoo.

  • “I didn’t know Jisoo could be this pretty, but once you start finding her pretty, she’ll remain pretty. I sent a picture to my unnie just now and even she went “F*cking pretty”ㅅㅂㅋㅋㅋㅋ  Her genes.”

  • “I want to be pretty like Jisoo!”

  • “Wow! She looks unreal! How can she be so pretty?”

Like her other members, she’s a visual powerhouse. Even her fellow member Jennie has praised her outstanding looks and netizens have voiced their agreement.

  • “Jisoo is indeed a goddess.”

  • “She’s crazy pretty.”

Her unique charm and beauty made her a favorite among fans and netizens alike!

  • “These pictures cannot be real, how can such perfect-looking humans exist?”

  • “Jisoo is something else!”

While Jisoo, Tzuyu, and Irene are the official netizens for their group, netizens weren’t surprised at all that these girls were chosen for this position. And, really, the girls are stunning!

Source: TheQoo
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