K-Fans’ Hilarious Reactions When They Found Out What NCT 127’s “Highway To Heaven” Really Meant

K-fans finally catch up to us.

The lyrics to NCT 127‘s English version of “Highway to Heaven” are probably a no-brainer for English speakers out there, but Korean fans are getting the shock of their lives as they find out what it really means, thanks to the buzz drummed up by Genius‘ video of the boys attempting (and failing) to explain the song’s explicit lyrics while being implicit.

In comparison to the English version, the Korean version of the songs is rather tame, focusing on the sweet feelings of love as opposed to the ahem, spicier English counterpart.

For a quick comparison, the same refrain on the Korean version goes “Just like the morning that rises, this road goes on for sure/ I believe that we believe that” as compared to the English version which says “They know we got the chemistry/ Love how your body feels on me/ When you get back, let me get that” As Johnny tried to explain that particular line, Mark could barely contain his laughter.

While English speaking fans have long been cackling about the hilarity of the boys avoiding the topic while trying to explain it, K-fans have just caught on, after a K-NCTzen uploaded a video of the English version of the song, with Korean subtitles. Talk about roles reversed!

Here’s an example of how frank and upfront the K-NCTzen was while translating the song.

The lyrics were translated as “I bet you’ve not felt it like this before/ Really amazing s*x, put some strength into your wrist”

Some even asked the boys not to come here to watch the video or read the comments, as it could be too much for them to handle! One NCTzen even expressed, “I feel such a huge sense of betrayal … it was a song I listened to after going to the academy while getting refreshed by the night breeze … It’s such a betray like if I just found out my dad did plastic surgery … but I like it… heh.”

Given the huge cultural difference between how liberal in public with the topic Koreans are compared to global audiences, it is possible that the lyrics for the Korean version was toned down deliberately. It’s amusing to see the reactions as they find out the difference between the two!