Korean Film Director Gets Mistaken for a Handsome Young Actor at a Recent Press Conference

He’s the same age as Park Shin Hye.

A press conference for the upcoming film, Call, starring Park Shin Hye, recently took place in Gangnam, Seoul, but the director of the film stole the spotlight with his idol-like visuals.

The director of the film is Lee Chung Hyun (30) and he’s been revealed to be the same age as Park Shin Hye.

The young director is so handsome that he drew all the attention on stage for looking just like his fellow actors.

He gave off such different visuals from the typical director, that if he hadn’t introduced himself as the director, there might have been a big misunderstanding.

Following the success of his 2015 short, Bargain, Call will be his debut work, which is a thriller film about two women of two different time periods who connect through a single phone call.


With Park Shin Hye’s popularity and the handsome visuals of the director, there’s growing anticipation for what the film will have to offer.

The film is set to be released in coming March.

Check out some more photos of Lee Chung Hyun below:

Source: Dispatch