Korean Girls Discuss What’s More Important: MONEY or FRIENDSHIP

A Korean girl decided to make a fun game that gave out two scenarios and users had to choose one, ultimately deciding if money was more important than friendship.

Below are the two scenarios and the top voted answers on the post!

Scenario 1: Money

You are as rich as Bill Gates, you have tons of money. You can spend all that money freely but you no longer have a family or friends. You have no one you can lean on to and talk to. There is no one that will truly be a friend to you. All the people around you are just people who like you for your money. If money wasn’t a factor, they wouldn’t be around you.

Scenario 2: Friendship

You are really poor but you have a loving family that supports each other in every possible situation. You guys are a close-knit family that is the definition of true love. They will never leave you, they will always be there for you. Your problem is their problem and vice versa. You have many friends who share the same attitude as your family. None of your friends are economically affluent, they are in the same economic level as you.











Source: Nate Pann

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