Koreans Teach Us The Secrets Of Taking Good Selfies

Say kimchi!

If you’ve ever found yourself a little bit jealous over someone’s amazing selfie game, you definitely aren’t alone. But never fear, participants in the latest episode of the Korean Answer series are here to help by sharing all their selfie secrets!


At first, some participants weren’t too confident in their selfie-taking abilities.


But after within a few moments, they were all dishing out the best tips they had to make yourself look absolutely flawless in pics. While some relied on the angle to get just the right touch…


Others thought the best way to handle selfies was through an app!


With a few adjustments in lighting and by adding some filters, you could end up with the perfect picture.


So if you want to look take your selfie game to the next level, check out the rest of their tips and tricks by watching the video below:

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