Korean Grandma Gives Up On Her 14-Year-Old Dog… And Their Goodbye Will Shatter Your Heart

Grab some tissues because it’s about to get emotional.

The latest episode of Animal Farm featured a heartbreaking story of a Korean grandma and her dog — and no one could hold back the ugly crying. The production team shared that in February 2020, they received a strange “request” from this Korean grandma asking them to “find someone who can take [her] 14-year-old dog Eunbi away” from her.

I cannot take care of my 14-year-old dog Eunbi anymore. Please help me find someone to take her away…

As the episode unfolded, it revealed that the grandma had been diagnosed with late-stage pancreatic cancer in 2011 and though she underwent surgery at the time, it recently returned. The grandma’s social worker shared when the grandma went back to see the doctor, she was told that she maybe had three more months to live.

While the doctor suggested she considers hospitalization to at least relieve the pain with medical care, the grandma came home. But why…? The social worker commented, “She turned down hospitalization because of Eunbi.

If she goes to the hospital, Eunbi would have to stay home alone. But the dog doesn’t like being away from the grandma. She won’t eat if she isn’t with the grandma. So the grandma is staying by Eunbi’s side, no matter how difficult it is for her.

— Social Worker

And as painful as everyday has been, the grandma and Eunbi have been providing each other love, support, and peace.

It’s as if Eunbi knows what’s going on. She won’t leave the grandma’s side. Even when the grandma is struggling with the pain, Eunbi stays still right there within the grandma’s reach.

— Social Worker

To the grandma, Eunbi has always been special — as her only family and companion. She found happiness in raising Eunbi, whom she rescued from a puppy mill in 2007. The two grew inseparable. Eunbi became the grandma’s child and the grandma became Eunbi’s world.

The young Eunbi and grandma on a 2009 episode of “Animal Farm” 

Eunbi came from a dark place. She was found hopeless and waiting for death in a puppy mill. I brought her home and made her healthy again. She grew up to be such a good dog. She was on Animal Farm a decade ago, actually. That’s how smart Eunbi became.

— Eunbi’s Grandma

Sadly, the grandma’s diagnosis meant things had to change. Even though she and Eunbi could never imagine parting ways, the grandma knew what she had to do. She reached out to Animal Farm, so she could give Eunbi up to another family who would take better care of her.

Eunbi, my baby. I’m sorry I can’t stay with you until the end. Go be with a family that will take good care of you. And come back to me when your time comes. Then we’ll meet again as stars in the sky.

— Eunbi’s Grandma

To make the grandma’s last wish come true, Animal Farm interviewed applicants to adopt Eunbi. When a sweet, loving family was chosen, it came time for the grandma and Eunbi to say goodbye. The grandma cried her heart out as she bid farewell — and it absolutely shattered the viewers.

No, no. I’ll be okay. Please leave. Please take her away now…

— Eunbi’s Grandma

Animal Farm then helped Eunbi get some long-delayed health check-ups. It turned out Eunbi had pyometra and may have been in a lot of pain herself. The surgery went well…

Everything else looks good. I think the grandma took excellent care of Eunbi. The surgery went very smoothly too. Eunbi is recovering quickly. With the new family’s care, I don’t doubt Eunbi to live happily and healthily for many more years to come.

— Vet

… and while she recovered at the vet, the new family came to introduce themselves. Eunbi opened up slowly but steadily…

… and soon grew fond of her new family!

My mom recently lost her two babies to natural causes. They both crossed the rainbow bridge after living with her 16-18 years. When that happened, it broke my mother. So I didn’t want her to go through the same loss ever again. But when she saw Eunbi’s story on the adoption ad, she said it became her fate to help Eunbi.

— Eunbi’s New Family

To everyone’s relief, Eunbi settled in perfectly in her new home!

The viewers wished Eunbi a long and healthy life — as well as the best for the grandma and the new family.

  • “I really hope only the best things happen to the grandma, to Eunbi, and to the family that adopted Eunbi.”
  • “I wish miracles really do happen and that the grandma becomes healthy enough to go see Eunbi again…”
  • “This breaks my heart… Why must we say goodbye to the ones we love the most? I literally can’t stop crying about this.”
  • “I hope the grandma doesn’t suffer too long about this goodbye…”
  • “Praying for the grandma’s recovery and for Eunbi’s new life with the new family.”

Watch the full episode here:

Source: THEQOO