Korean Guy’s Ex-Girlfriend Tries To Seduce Him…In Front Of His Girlfriend

She was NOT happy.

On the YouTube channel Airplane Time, a video shows what happens when a man gets seduced by women in front of his girlfriend. The goal of the experiment is to find out which one the current girlfriend hates the most.

First, his female friend whom he was close to before getting in a relationship gave it her best shot.

Next, the ex-girlfriend referenced their past times together and even claimed she wanted him back.

Lastly, a new woman asked for his number and didn’t even think he was dating his girlfriend!

The girls did their best to seduce him…

…and even bring up stories that would infuriate his girlfriend.

Of course, this lead to many arguments between the couple!

She revealed just how irritated she was.

In the end, the girlfriend decided she hates all of them! It looks like they won’t be participating in an experiment like this again any time soon.

Watch the full video below.