Korean High School Teacher Pleads for School to Be Cancelled in the Midst of COVID-19

School is back in session in Korea, but one high school teacher claims the students are out of control.

Unlike many other countries, schools in Korea are back in session despite COVID-19, but one high school teacher raised their voice online in a petition to cancel school.


On the Blue House‘s homepage, a petition titled, “Who is going back to school meant to advantage?” was recently posted.

The petition was raised by a high school nurse, and they criticized the educational authorities for putting school back in session when they are unaware of what’s actually happening at the schools.

The high school teacher first criticized the self-diagnosis system, which the students are required to use daily in order to report their health condition.

They’re saying they understand the situation through the self-diagnosis system, but how can that even work? The homeroom teachers have to beg the students to get answer.

– High School Teacher

But the most worrying revelation of all is the high school’s teacher’s claim that the students are breaking the social distancing measures.

Some of the students don’t even wear masks and they go around with their arms linked to each other. I’ve even seen them hugging.

– High School Teacher

The high school teacher stressed that the students are out of control, especially during recess, and urged the educational authorities to check it out for themselves.

Come to school for just one day. Do you think the students will listen like robots if you tell them not to move during recess? If you come here and still decide that it’s safe, keep the schools open.

– High School Teacher

They continued,

The school has endured week by week while having 2-3 meetings a day. But the teachers didn’t say anything and obeyed the educational authorities. But we can’t stand it anymore.

– High School Teacher

The petition has gathered 67,000 signatures thus far.

Source: Insight
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