Korean Highschooler Goes Viral For Her Dance Cover Of “Alcohol-Free” And TWICE’s Chaeyoung Couldn’t Help But Fangirl Over Her

She’s both a good dancer and hilarious.

Previously, when high schooler Seoin covered STAYC‘s “ASAP” on TikTok, she had no idea that it would blow up. As the video hit over 600,000 views, she began to be known on online communities as “the high school girl that danced to ASAP on TikTok“.


눈앞에나타나줘 #추천뜰때까지재업#asap#dancechallenge#kpop#스테이씨 #떡상할래

♬ 오리지널 사운드 – sexy seoin – sexy seoin

Recently, her unique brand of amazing dance skills and humorous approach went viral again when she covered TWICE‘s “Alcohol-Free”. She started the video off hilariously with a sip of “alcohol”.

Her transitions are astounding. Many have been praising her for her flexibility as well.

She ends off with a dance in front of her school with friends before cutting back to her life as a student.

Her dance cover has been receiving high praise from netizens.

  • “Is she originally a dancer? Her dance moves look so refreshing and good.”
  • “I feel like my mood lifted while watching her.”
  • “She’s such a good dancer and her friends behind are cute too.”
  • “She has so much charm.”

It seems that even TWICE can’t resist her charms. Chaeyoung posted a link to the video on Dear. U Bubble, which was screenshotted and reposted by Seoin. Chaeyoung had complimented her with, “This person dances really well. She covered our song.

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Check out her dance cover below.


Source: theqoo