Netizens Had No Idea This Female Idol Had Such a Gorgeous Figure Until This Fan Taken Photo

A fan randomly took a photo of her backside which went viral online.

In recent days, an online post revealing a fan taken photo of Lovelyz‘s Soojung has gone viral for the very unexpected figure she appeared to have.

The photo was taken last year when Lovelyz’s Soojung and Jisoo opened a ball game between Doosan Bears and Lotte Giants.

The two idols can be seen waiting on the side before entering the field, but what made the photo go viral was the surprising figure Soojung appeared to have in the photo.

The thin waistline she flaunted was pretty much impossible to ignore, and although this had been previously captured on camera, this fan taken photo made it stand out even more.

Soojung debuted with Woolim Entertainment‘s Lovelyz back in 2014 and is currently active as the main vocalist in the group.

But in addition to her outstanding vocals, it appears that she also has a stunning figure that is very contrasting to her cute and innocent look, and it’s shocking many fans and netizens online.


Source: Dispatch