This Male Idol Secretly Donated to an ALS Foundation Before Enlisting in the Military

But the foundation decided to share his act of good will.

Seulgil Hope Foundation recently made an announcement on their official Instagram account sharing the news of the donation that VIXX‘s N made before he enlisted in the military.

Seulgil Hope Foundation is currently planning to build Korea’s first hospital dedicated to ALS, and they announced that N donated 6.7 million won (~$6000 US) in order to contribute to the cause.

The foundation expressed their gratitude in the caption and also added, “He made the donation without saying a word, so we’re not sure if it’s okay to announce it like this… We’re just so thankful that we wanted to let everyone know.

This isn’t the first time N made such a meaningful donation. In the past, he also participated in donation campaigns as well as donating to a youth orchestra for children with developmental disabilities.

N recently enlisted in the military on the 4th of last month, and it’s been reported that he’s adjusting well and fulfilling his duties to the best of his ability.

Source: Insight