This Damn Fine Idol Is Exceptionally Tall, and Looks Even Taller

It’s hard to capture his entire body with just one photo frame.

KNK‘s Park Seoham‘s photos have been circulating all over the internet in recent days, the reason being his very attractive height.

Along with the photos, netizens have been adding comments referring to Park Seoham “boyfriend look” because the fact that he looks like a model is pretty undeniable.

Park Seoham is 189 centimeters tall with very broad shoulders.

His shoulders are so broad and his limbs are so long that it’s almost impossible to capture it all in one photo frame.

It can probably be agreed upon among female fans that he has the kind of stature that women want to be embraced by.

Many people mistake Park Seoham for a model, but the truth is, he’s an idol who debuted with the group KNK back in 2016.

One of the meanings of their group name, KNK refers to tall height, and that’s very fitting of the members since they’re all between the heights of 180 and 189 centimeters.

Park Seoham, who just turned 27 years old this year, released an album with KNK last January and is gaining in popularity as a singer and an idol.

Check out some more modelesque photos of Park Seoham below:

Source: Insight