This Chivalrous Male Idol Offered His Umbrella to a Fan Getting Hit by the Rain

And then he was the one getting hit by the rain…

MONSTA X‘s Wonho recently appeared on tvN’s Show! Audio Jockey where he proved just how considerate he is toward his beloved fans.

Despite the weather being poor with lots of rain, many fans visited the site in hopes of getting a glimpse of MONSTA X.

And it appears that Wonho was concerned about a fan who was standing there getting hit by the rain because he ran over and handed her his umbrella instead.

Wonho then ran back to where he was as if nothing ever happened while getting hit by the rain himself.

The fan who received the umbrella from him left a message for him saying, “I ended up accepting the umbrella. I’ll protect it with my life, Wonho.

Most would probably agree that it’s almost impossible to not love Wonho after seeing how much he cares for his fans and what he’s willing to sacrifice for them.

Source: Insight