6 Male Idols with “Resting Smiling” Faces That Will Surely Melt Your Heart

It’s all thanks to those lips.

Many idols have handsome faces, sweet voices, and a fashion sense that compliments their physique perfectly. But it’s not as common for an idol to receive attention for having a smile on their face even when they’re straight-faced.

Here are 6 idols whose lips naturally point upward, which gives them a “resting smiling” face that melts fans’ hearts:

1. BTS’s Jin

The man known as “Worldwide Handsome” has plump lips that naturally point upward. So when he actually makes the effort to smile, it nearly stops fans’ hearts due to its shining beauty.

2. EXO’s Chen

EXO‘s Chen is well-known for the attractive shape of his lips. Because his lips naturally point upward, it’s very refreshing when he smiles brightly with them.

3. NU’EST’s Minhyun

NU’EST‘s Minhyun also possesses jelly-like lips that point slightly upward. The shape of lips is contrasting to his normally coy image, so when he smiles, it’s bound to make anyone who’s watching smile as well.

4. SHINee’s Key

Key‘s plump and upward-facing lips are bound to win over fans. With his pale skin and beautiful lips, he can make fans’ hearts stop.

5. Highlight’s Yoon Doojoon

Yoon Doojoon also has attractive lips that are capable of swaying any fan. Since he has a naturally smiling face, he doesn’t have to do anything to please the eyes of those who are watching.

6. BtoB’s Minhyuk

BtoB‘s Minhyuk has a smile that has the power to make everyone around him smile with him. Due to his “resting smiling” lips, his smiles are refreshing and almost blinding.

Source: Insight
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