Korean Man Gets Scammed Into Marriage After Woman Lies About Being Pregnant

What in the K-drama is this?!

Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller is back with yet, another crazy story.

On the most recent episode of the KBS Joy variety show, a 37-year-old Korean man shared his concerns with the hosts, Lee Soo Geun and Seo Jang Hoon. The story begins when the single Korean man shares that he had received a message from a blind dating Korean wedding agency asking if he would be interested in being set up with a woman.

“I received a DM from a wedding agency asking if I’d be interested in meeting an eligible single woman.” | KBS Joy

The Korean man relayed his perspective and said he had nothing to lose, so he agreed and to his surprise, the woman ended up being his ideal type.

“She was the ideal type that I usually like.” | KBS Joy

However, this is where the story goes awry and the Ask Us Anything Fortune Teller guest begins his tale of misfortunes.

“A month after meeting, she told me she was pregnant.” | KBS Joy

After the shocking reveal, the Korean man continued that he wanted to take responsibility for his actions, so he asked the woman if she wanted to get married.

“I suggested that we get a marriage license to take responsibility.” | KBS Joy

The man then shared the exact moment that he realized he was being scammed by the woman.

| KBS Joy

She had to go to the ER because of stomach pains and the doctor asked me, ‘why is she listed as a pregnant woman?’ That was when the doctor informed me that the woman was not pregnant.

— Korean man

The man further explained to the show’s hosts that prior to the ER incident, he went to the gynecologist with her to make sure she was indeed pregnant.

| KBS Joy

I went to the gynecologist with her and I don’t know how it works since it’s my first time and I’m a man, so I sat out in the waiting area. She came out after her appointment and she told me that she was pregnant. So who was I to not believe her?

— Korean man

To add onto the already shocking story, he revealed that because he liked her, he wanted to do everything for her, including a proposal.

| KBS Joy

She asked me for a divorce the same day we applied for our marriage license. When I asked her why, she told me it was because I didn’t propose to her or give her a wedding. She told me she regretted getting married to me. She kept talking about a proposal so I reserved a table at a nice restaurant and proposed to her.

— Korean man

The woman’s audacity didn’t end here, as the man confessed that the woman scammed the proposal as well.

“I caught her trying to sell the ring and bracelet I gave her during the proposal.” | KBS Joy

Finally, the man came to terms with the relationship and decided that he had had enough. When he met up with his “wife” to end the relationship, he shocked the hosts with her response.

| KBS Joy

During our break-up, she asked me if I could give her $100. She said it would be her last request of me.

— Korean man

This poor man! We hope that he is able to find a genuine love after this wild rollercoaster of a story. You can watch the crazy story down below.

Source: WikiTree