Korean Man Shares CCTV Pictures To Shame Two Women Who Pooped In Front Of His Business

Warning: This article contains nasty pictures of human feces.

On February 29, 2020, an enraged Korean man came to rant on the internet — about what had become possibly the worst day of his life since he opened his small business. This man, Anonymous “A” from Ulsan, Korea, shared that he — like many other small business owners in the country right now — has not been operating his business because of the rampant COVID-19 coronavirus.

Ulsan, Korea

As difficult as the situation has been on him, A tried to stay optimistic. He decided, “It is at times like this I should be cleaning the store even harder. So even though I didn’t open for business, I went in to give the space a deep clean.”

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Unfortunately, when he reached his business, his positivity was shattered to pieces. He came face to face with a heap of feces, stuck solid on the ground in front of his store entrance.

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Baffled and disgusted, A took a look at the surveillance camera that had recorded the activity outside his business overnight. In the recorded CCTV footage, he found two women shamelessly approaching the business around 9:20PM KST…

… and as one of the two got in position to poop, the other began smoking while waiting for the deed to be done. A explained in his angry post online, “I can even try to understand if it was so urgent and there was absolutely no other way.” But, according to A, the pooper didn’t seem like she was in a hurry. at all. Plus, while she could have chosen to go to any business in the area that had opened and offered public restrooms, she specifically chose to poop there, on the floor, in front of his business.

I’m located in a commercial area. If you really need a bathroom, you can find one within a minute’s walk in any direction. But she looked so natural in the CCTV, that it baffles me even more. I’ve spoken to the police, but they doubt they can find her.

— A

It took A a painful amount of time and effort to clean up the mess. He recalled:

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The poop had solidified overnight, so I had to boil water and pour it over the heap to soften it before I could even begin to clean it up. It was disgusting and I felt like throwing up. I threw away everything I used to clean up the poop because I won’t be using those again. I bleached everything and got so exhausted.

— A

Finally, as he uploaded snippets from the CCTV cameras which captured the horrors of that night, he warned, “I’ve come to agree with the police that it will be impossible to find the two women. But I am sharing these online because I want you to know in the back of your minds, that you did this.”

The faces are blurred, but you’ll know it is you. I am legitimately traumatized and fear that you will return to do this again. I will be leaving the stair lights on 24/7 from now on because of you. Your fecal matter, the wet wipes you used to clean yourself, the cigarette butts, your spit? These things don’t disappear after you leave… I cannot believe I saw what I saw in 2020. I hope you realize what you’ve done wrong.

— A

And so here goes. Be warned, this is some nasty shit.

Netizens are feeling nauseous AF after reading what A had to go through.

Source: THEQOO