Korean Man Sues Online Girlfriend of 7 Years After Finding Out She’s A Total Fraud

It’s quite a tragic love story.

The latest episode of Curious Stories Y shared the most unfortunate story of a man who got severely betrayed by his girlfriend of seven years. The tragedy unfolds like this.

When A first met B, he knew in his bones that she was the woman of his dreams. She introduced herself as a doctor and the youngest daughter to a wealthy family. For A, she “had everything [he] ever wanted in a woman.” Shortly after, two agreed to get married and share the rest of their lives together.

A’s parents sharing a picture of B which she sent to A

I dated a lot of women before. I was in a relationship after relationship after relationship. So I know women. That’s how I know she was different. She had everything I ever wanted in a woman. So I fell in love with her.

— A

Throughout the seven years A and B have been romantically involved, B tried her best to appeal herself as a worthy wife-to-be as well. She sent packages after packages, filled with healthy and seasonal food for A and his family. She wrote heartfelt messages for not only A, but A’s parents too — telling them how much she loves them and wants to see them.

In return, A, who was fully convinced that he and B would eventually get married, also remained patient with the slow process. According to A, his girlfriend  needed time to “work on convincing her family for the permission to get married.” He believed every bit of that.

She comes from a wealthy family. Of course her family doesn’t want her to see me. She promised to work on convincing her family though. And she did. In 2018, I met her father. Then last month, I met her mother. So our wedding plan is going smoothly…

— A

Unfortunately, A’s family began picking up the pieces and sensed that something is very off about this relationship. For example, A kept promising his family to bring her home during the holidays — only to break the promise on the d-day. Each time, he had different reasons for his girlfriend’s abrupt cancellation, and as time passed, his family found these excuses difficult to believe. And though A claimed to have met B several times in the time they’ve been dating, A’s family couldn’t help but doubt B’s real identity.

Well, she used to be 105 pounds but she gained a bit of weight. So when she tried on dresses, she didn’t like how her belly showed. She’s on a weight loss plan right now… So once she sheds some weight, I’ll bring her home and you can all meet her then.

— A

Cornered and stressed that his family might begin opposing the wedding as well, A gave in and let his family talk to B on the phone. This conversation, however, ultimately led A’s family to come to the conclusion that B is not who she says she is.

Okay, but her voice sounds older than my mom’s. According to my brother, she is about 38 years old, right? But that doesn’t sound like the average voice of 38-year-old women.

— A’s Younger Brother

A’s younger brother, filled with suspicion, finally set out to find B on his own. He began searching the hospitals around B’s hometown using her name as he knew it, but he was utterly unsuccessful. With a bit of detective help from the production team though, A’s younger brother found B’s real address, B, and her son.

To everyone’s surprise, B turned out to be a woman in her 50s who met A on a chatting website. She confessed that it was her loneliness that led to her string of lies.

I was really lonely and I was going through a rough patch in my life. So when I met A online… I was happy that I had found someone who, despite the age difference, understood me so well. I wasn’t taking it seriously at first… but as time passed, I developed feelings for him and it became real. I never meant to lie.

— B

Once her cover was blown, B admitted everything — including the fact that she paid actors to be the in-laws that A said he met in 2018-2019. Once A heard about his brother’s shocking discovery, he rushed over to Busan to see and hear the truth himself.

In this process, A also admitted that he actually never met B in real life in the whole seven years they dated. He lied to his parents about having met her because they pressured him about the relationship. He also spilled that he had been sending her 1,500,000 KRW (approximately 1,500 USD) per month to “save up for the wedding” — and paying off some of her utilities too.

When A and B finally came face to face, A became completely crushed by the reality. He didn’t know how to recover from this unbelievable fraud of his lifetime…

A and B confronting each other for the first time 

All I wanted to do was bring home a good wife and make my mom happy by showing her that I have found myself a good life…

— A

… but he decided to at least get his money back, by filing an official lawsuit against B for the total of over 115,000 USD which he spent as his “wedding planning” money.

Upon watching the episode end in broken hearts and shattered dreams, Korean netizens couldn’t quite grasp how it had all been possible… but they also understood that love can drive people to do unreasonable things.

Source: THEQOO