The Beautiful Korean Model Who Had Netizens Questioning Her Race

Her “unconventional” look went viral.

A beautiful Korean model became a viral sensation thanks to the public’s fascination with her striking visuals.

After winning the Miss World Bikini competition in 2011, Moon Gabi began quietly working as a model. However, an appearance on tvN‘s reality show Talkmon thrust her back into the spotlight. Netizens fell in love with her distinct look, causing Moon Gabi to trend at the #1 spot on various search engines.

In an exclusive interview with Star News, she credited her unique charm for her overnight fame.

I think it’s because I’m different from what you are used to in Korea. I have a completely different appearance, and it was my first time on a talk show. The timing and many other factors were just right.

— Moon Gabi

Many people think that Moon Gabi has a mixed heritage, so she clarified those rumors.

People often ask me if I have a mixed heritage, so I asked my parents if we have any non-Korean ancestors. They told me that they don’t know. I just like doing my makeup this way. I don’t necessarily try to look like someone that is not Korean.

— Moon Gabi

She also revealed that she inherited her skin tone and body type from her dad. Her talent? That’s a gift from her mom.

My skin tone and body frame are the same as my dad’s. My mom is very pale. But I get my talents from her.

— Moon Gabi

Since appearing on Talkmon, Moon Gabi has racked up a strong and long-lived fan following. She currently has 174k followers on Instagram, where she shares photos from her daily life.

Keep doing your thing, Moon Gabi!

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