Korean Mortician Shocks The Nation With His Unbelievably Psychopathic Act Caught On CCTV

“He has obviously given up on being human…”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content that may disturb some readers.

On May 14, 2020, a Korean mortician “A” in his 30s got arrested in Busan, Korea for breaking and entering a local hospital morgue…

… and stealing gold dental crowns, fillings, and implants from the bodies of the deceased.

The hospital’s CCTV caught footage of A sneaking into the morgue around 3:30AM and checking all the stored bodies.

He then stole over 10 pieces of dental gold from 3 of the bodies, using tools like pliers and tweezers which he brought in his pockets.

Plier on the morgue floor

When the hospital staff noticed the suspicious activity, they got the police involved. A is said to have admitted to stealing the gold teeth — because he recently faced financial hardship and needed the cash.

A is said to have “Kept [his] eyes out for bodies with gold teeth while working on preparing them for their funerals“.

Reportedly, A admitted that he “Tried to remove only the gold parts” but when that deemed impossible, he then proceeded “To pull out the entire tooth.

Crowns collected on the morgue floor

The police explained that such “scrap gold” can be pawned for an average of $20-50.

Upon hearing the news, Korean netizens are shocked speechless.

  • “What a piece of sh*t. He would have done the same even if he didn’t have financial hardship. That is not an excuse.”
  • “That is literally psychopathic though, isn’t it? Do you mean to tell me a human is capable of doing something like that? For money?”
  • “I can’t even begin to comprehend what the f*ck this means. He has obviously given up on being human.”
  • “The fact that he had the nerve to remove it from bodies of the deceased… He’s f*cking crazy. Money is not an excuse.”

Many have voiced their concerns, pushing to have the mortician’s license taken away…

  • “But don’t morticians know best about respecting the deceased and all? How does this make any sense? He’s such a f*cking as*hole!”
  • “If there is hell, that is exactly where he’s going.”
  • “This makes me nauseous… Like- How did he gather up the guts to do this? To steal teeth from the dead?”
  • “… Wait, where in the universe does he take the stolen teeth then? What the actual f*ck?”

… as it is suspected that this is not A’s first time to tamper with the bodies under his care. The Busan Sasang Police Station will continue A’s investigation.

Source: Nocut News and THEQOO