Korean Netizens Are Impressed At How Fast NCT’s Newest Member, Shotaro, Adapts To Being On Stage

He only trained for a few months!

NCT‘s Shotaro famously only trained for a few months before being pushed to debut with NCT. Although he already had years of experience as a dance team member in Japan, he was scouted in 2020 only to join SM Entertainment. His quick promotion has been attributed to his dance skills and adorable personality!

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Recently, he has been gaining attention for being able to adapt to stage life quickly. He debuted mid October 2020 with NCT U‘s “Make A Wish”. Here is him being nervous just 4 days into debut.

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However, by the time the last week of promotions came by, Shotaro was seen completely at ease! He even joked around with the other members on stage.

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He’s a pro by now!

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Netizens have also praised his chemistry with the other members, who treat him like a younger brother. In a behind-the-scenes footage, leader Taeyong can be seen helping Shotaro adjust his headset.

Taeyong had asked Shotaro who had prepared the gear for him, only to have Shotaro sheepishly admit he had done it himself. Following that, he adjusted the headset in such a way that it would remain secure even through the hard-hitting choreography of “Make A Wish”.

Not only are Korean fans impressed with his quick adaptation skills, international fans are also getting a kick out of his “neoness”. Although he has only been with the team for a short while, it seems that he already has gotten used to his hyungs.

Although NCT U’s “Make A Wish” and “From Home” units have already concluded promotions, they’ll be back soon in November. Stay tuned!

Source: theqoo