Netizens Disappointed In BTS’s Jungkook For Casually Tweeting After His Accident

“Would it have been so hard to lay off Twitter for a day?”

The latest update on BTS Jungkook‘s minor car accident with a taxi revealed that the South Korean police has officially booked the case and will be summoning Jungkook for investigation.


Following the news, a group of Korean netizens have publicly expressed their disappointment in Jungkook, not only for breaking the traffic law, but also for tweeting on the same day that he caused the accident. On October 31,  2019, approximately 12 hours after his accident, Jungkook tweeted a short clip showing his gameplay…


… followed by a selfie. While ARMYs absolutely adored these updates at the time, some netizens are now finding them a sign of “carelessness on Jungkook’s part”. Agitated netizens pointed out that Jungkook “should have known the date and details of his accident will be reported on” and “should have stayed off Twitter, at least for the day he was involved in an accident.”


While no one can verify 100% that the “game playing” and “selfie taking” captured in these tweets actually took place hours after the accident, netizens claim that Jungkook should have stayed away from social media regardless, for his own good — to have easily prevented this very exact controversy and disappointment from happening.


Meanwhile, ARMYs have risen to Jungkook’s defense, claiming that he does not deserve so much criticism over a minor car accident for which he has admitted fault and settled with the victim. No further information regarding the details of his settlement with the taxi driver is available at the time.

Source: THEQOO