Korean Netizens Discuss How Idols Should Deal With Dating Scandals

They used BIGBANG as the model for how to handle dating controversy.

With so many dating scandals surrounding celebrities, it’s no wonder that Korean netizens would have their fair share of thoughts on the topic. Many of the comments seemed to focus on YG Entertainment and BIGBANG for their expert-level denials.

No but didn’t a Bigbang had a lot of fans despite the dating scandals? lol Especially GD, his skills and talents were just a wall so the fans can’t help but continue to support him. I wasn’t a fan of him but you can just watch one video of his stage and see that his skills are the one-top..

YG is just in their own world. They like to shut their mouths and ears and turn fans into fools ^^

Fans have always cared more about Bigbang’s skills than their dating scandals lol Just think about Taeyang and Min Hyorin’s dating scandal. YG even released an article saying that they didn’t know but are congratulating them lolololol just think about another male idol’s company dealing with dating rumors in the same way, the fans will faint lolol but at that time, Taeyang’s fans even said that they looked pretty together and congratulated them no? To be honest, aside from all their scandals, I think that they had the best relationship with their fans

When celebrities go on Radio Star, they always ask about their dating scandals. It’s not like they have an obligation to talk about it. It’s up to them whether they want to talk about it or not;;; no need to bash them for it

The resounding opinion is that idols are entitled to their private lives and have no obligation to share who they’re dating. Furthermore, a lot of K-netizens seemed to feel that YG Entertainment and BIGBANG’s denials were the ideal routes to go, ensuring that their idols were able to enjoy a normal life in privacy. Although, many noted that BIGBANG was likely so successful in issuing denials because of their strong relationship with their fan base, who protected them regardless of the situation.

Do you agree with what Korean netizens said? Do you believe that the best way for idols to respond to dating controversy is by not commenting at all?

Source: Pann Nate