Korean Netizens Grow More Skeptical Over Goo Hye Sun’s Latest Instagram Post

“How far is she going to take this?”

Actress Goo Hye Sun, now retired, recently updated her fans via an Instagram post, letting them know she is still hospitalized. It was toward the end of last month, in August 2019, that she was admitted to a hospital.


When Goo Hye Sun first revealed that she was in a hospital, she shared that she had polyps and that there will be surgery to remove them. And while back then, netizens sent her tons of moral support for what she was going through…

Goo Hye Sun Reveals She Is Currently Hospitalized


… they are now growing more skeptical about Goo Hye Sun’s words. Many have shared their personal experiences with polyp removal and pointed out there is no need to be hospitalized weeks for such a simple procedure.


In fact, some Korean netizens are calling this a part of her “pathological lying” disorder and accusing her of being “attention thirsty”.

  • “She’s an attention seeker.”
  • “Is this what pathological lying looks like?”
  • “She said ‘since the summer’. That sounds like it could have been months. But there’s no way polyps can tie you down that long. Seeing from her past uploads… I think she likes to say things in a really ambiguous way to give it an extra twist or overemphasize it.”
  • “How far is she going to take this?”
  • “Hospitalized and everything, but she still got the energy to sell her book, huh?”


Meanwhile, Goo Hye Sun’s fans remain supportive and wish her a quick recovery from all her troubles. At this time, no further news regarding her divorce case with Ahn Jae Hyun has been disclosed.

Source: THEQOO

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