Korean Netizens Discuss The Most Iconic ITZY Choreography

Which one would you vote for?

ITZY‘s been known as monster rookies since their debut, for their smooth dance moves and solid talent. Each choreography of theirs also features an impactful point. Korean netizens have identified the key points to each choreography. They discuss which one out of the 4 title songs the girls have had, that was the most iconic!

1. “DALLA DALLA”‘s mallijima

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Certainly, ITZY can’t be stopped! This move was so impactful everyone was copying it for days.

2. “ICY”‘s back-breaking dance

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Yuna definitely ate this one up in the center position! The move looked extremely easy to do but tough to execute.

3. “WANNABE”‘s Shoulder Dance

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It was so viral that it spawned a dance challenge on TikTok!

4. “NOT SHY”, not me!

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The “go-away” dance move and chest rotations during the chorus of “NOT SHY” were addictive.

Korean netizens voted for which move they thought was the most iconic to the general public.

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  • “I like it all”
  • “Go watch it and come back. What I thought was really good was 3. Ryujin is so cool.”
  • “3”
  • “Is there any fan that can tell me the song names? I want to see the videos”
  • “2 “ICY” was the best”
  • “333333”
  • “3 The moment I saw it, I thought it was cool kk”
  • “I like all but 3 – Ryujin’s shoulder dance was super cool, so much that I was shocked”

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  • “1, 3”
  • “3 when Ryujin starts”
  • “Yeji and Ryujin”
  • “For impactful, 3”
  • “333”
  • “3 is super cool”
  • “222”
  • “3, 4 Ryujin”

It seems like most of the comments are leaning towards 3, Ryujin’s shoulder dance in “WANNABE”. Of course, all the girls’ songs and dances are amazing! Check out her shoulder dance in the music video for “WANNABE” below.

Source: theqoo