Korean Netizens Name The Best Instagram Usernames Idols Have

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A lot of work goes into creating the perfect Instagram handle! The girls of BLACKPINK even changed theirs multiple times before getting to the perfect one. Korean netizens name the few usernames they think is the most aesthetic or suits the celebrity perfectly.

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It was agreed that Red Velvet’s Yeri (@yerimiese), GFRIEND‘s Eunha (@rlo.ldl) and actor Nam Joo Hyuk (@skawngur) had the best few usernames! Many may not know that skawngur is actually just his name in Korean, typed on an English keyboard.

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On the other hand, while SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu was praised for his handle (@min9yu_k), people couldn’t help but bring up Joshua’s. Joshua’s username was so straightforward that many thought it could just as well be made by a fan (@joshuahong951230)! Netizens were also amused by Seungkwan‘s handle (@pledis_boos). He named it copying Pledis Entertainment CEO’s handle (@pledis_boss) by changing it to fit his last name, Boo.

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Netizens also praised NCT‘s Doyoung for his adorable handle. Zero can be read as “Young” or “Gong” in Korean, hence his username, @do0_nct. His older brother, actor Gong Myung, uses @0myoung_0526.

Others were also named.

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  • APRIL‘s Naeun @betterlee_0824 and Jinsol @truesol_0824 are so pretty”
  • Jennie @jennierubyjane and Krystal @vousmevoyez”
  • “What does Jennie’s mean?”
  • “@whee_inthemood for MAMAMOO‘s Wheein! You can read it two ways – Whee in the mood (Wheein’s in a good mood) and Wheein, the mood (Wheein’s aura itself)”

Wendy‘s was also brought up for the adorable meaning!

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Instagram sure is hard to get a hang of, especially when fans take the good usernames! Aside from those listed here, what are your top picks?

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