Korean Netizens React To BTS’s RM’s Expensive Watch

BTS can buy anything they want!

Some Korean netizens have noticed that BTS‘s RM has been wearing a nice and elegant looking watch on his wrist. He looks more classy when he wears the watch.

ARMYs have realized that the accessory that looked luxurious, is indeed a luxury item! RM has been seen wearing a Patek Philippe watch on his wrist!

A Patek Philippe watch costs around $13,000 to $24million depending on the watch’s style, complication, movement, and other specifications. RM’s Patek Philippe comes in the Nautilus model and retails at around $45,699. However, because many want to own the watch, the prices can shoot up to up to $75,000 as a pre-loved item.

Korean netizens were amazed at how RM wears such an expensive watch! No wonder it looked elegant and classy! Many reactions were common, saying that they weren’t surprised because considering BTS’s fame, they can afford to purchase and own such luxury items!

Source: Nate Pann