This Korean Parrot Grocery Shopping Like A Person Will Make You UWU

If you love animals, you can’t miss this!

Everyone loves animals. Whether you’re in love with cats, dogs, or even shoebills, there’s definitely an animal out there that has made you UWU at one point or another.

Eunbin is an incredibly talented parrot who can do a forward roll and even knows when he’s done something naughty and accepts being put in time out!

Source: 우와한 비디오 X SBS 세상에 이런일이/YouTube

Those things aren’t even the most impressive talent Eunbi has hidden up her proverbial sleeve. Nope! Little Eunbin knows how to shop, just like a human!

Source: 우와한 비디오 X SBS 세상에 이런일이/YouTube

Look at how cute she is as she carefully grabs her groceries before placing them delicately in her cart!

Source: 우와한 비디오 X SBS 세상에 이런일이/YouTube

Eunbin definitely made us UWU! Did she steal your heart as well, with her cute and clever personality?

Watch the whole video below for all the cuteness: