Korean Part-Timer Residing in the US Gets Violently Assaulted by a Racist Customer Who Refused to Wear a Mask

What began as a request to put on a mask led to a racist assault.

According to the online media site, NextShark, a Korean part-timer working at a Korean-owned beauty shop in Albany, New York suffered a racist attack by a man who refused to wear a mask inside the shop.

A man by the name of Kim Young Rae was working his shift when a man entered the store without a mask.

Since it was store regulation for all customers to wear a mask, Kim Young Rae asked the customer to put on a mask, but the customer refused and exhibited violent behavior.

As a result, Kim Young Rae requested, “If you don’t wear a mask, you can’t be in the store. Please leave.

And according to Kim Young Rae, the customer made racist remarks such as “Where are you from?” and “I don’t wear masks because of you people“.

In the continued dispute, the customer reportedly spat on Kim Young Rae’s face, and when he spat on the customer back, the customer punched him in the face and kicked him before leaving the shop.

In an interview, Kim Young Rae testified, “The hospital told me I might have a broken nose. The customer said racist remarks like, ‘Go back to your country’ while assaulting me.

He added, “I wanted to keep living in the US, but I don’t know anymore.

The police are currently conducting a search to find the customer in question.

Source: Dispatch