Korean Plastic Surgeon Leaves His Patient To Bleed Out To Death… And The Gory CCTV Footage Will Shock You

Warning: This article contains graphic contents.

Back in 2016, the late Kwon Dae Hee became intrigued by a particular advertisement from a renowned plastic surgery “Center A” in Seoul.

Plastic surgery centers in Seoul

The center’s ad read, “14 Years In Business Without A Single Medical Accident” and promised the competence of the center’s doctors and staff members. The ad also promoted that the “Head Doctor Operates From Start To Finish”, reassuring the curious potential patients that they will be in good, professional, and experienced hands.

The actual advertisement, provided by Kwon’s mother

Having been self-conscious about his square jawline all his life, Kwon decided to get the bone cutting surgery to slim down his facial structure. When Kwon signed up with Center A, his friend recalled, he was confident that the head doctor will be performing this relatively complicated and dangerous surgery. After all, that is what the advertisement guaranteed.

The late Kwon Dae Hee in his military uniform, 25 years of age

Unfortunately, on September 8, 2016, Kwon went under the knife — only to lose his life. Kwon’s mother, completely heartbroken over losing her son in a cosmetic procedure, asked Center A to explain what happened.

Kwon’s mother on a one person protest

At first, the head doctor at Center A insisted that nothing had gone wrong during the surgery. The truth — and the most gruesomely shocking one at that — was only revealed when Kwon’s mother successfully obtained the CCTV footage that captured the horror of Kwon’s operation-gone-awry. This 4-hour-long footage has since been analyzed in detail by an anonymous plastic surgeon Dr. Vendetta, who received permission from Kwon’s mother to share it on his YouTube channel and help raise awareness for the general public. Brace yourselves, because this is about to get bloody.

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In the video, Kwon is found on the table, unconscious under anesthesia. The doctor soon enters the OR, but he is already wearing his gown and gloves. According to Dr. Vendetta, that only means one thing. This doctor is OR-hopping: He must have more surgeries running in other operation rooms.

Usually gloves are put on inside the OR. But he comes in already wearing a gown and gloves. See this here? He takes his gloves off. What does that mean? It means this doctor wasn’t wearing these gloves to operate on Kwon. He was wearing them operating on someone else. He takes them off, then puts on a new pair. He doesn’t change his gown though and that is already very hazardous.

— Dr. Vendetta

As the operation continues, an anesthesiologist enters the OR. This anesthesiologist should have been present in the room the whole time to monitor the patient’s vitals, but is also hopping between multiple ORs. Again, Dr. Vendetta shares, that is because the doctor has multiple surgeries ongoing at once.

See this guy? This is the anesthesiologist. He comes in and checks the monitor for vitals. Just making sure everything is under control. Then he leaves. Why does he leave? That’s because he has other people under anesthesia in other rooms too. He has to check on their vitals as well. This is… This is stuff you see in horror movies. But they’re doing this without feeling a bit of guilt.

— Dr. Vendetta

When Kwon first starts losing blood, there is no active response to that issue. The operation continues without getting any blood back in to Kwon’s system.

When a pool of blood accumulates on the OR floor, a medical staff in the room mops it away. Dr. Vendetta estimates about a liter of blood to have been lost within this first hour…

This is about 20-25 minutes into the surgery. And so much blood has been lost already. Someone Kwon’s size usually has about 5-5.5 liters of blood in his body. So this early on in the surgery, he is down 20% of his blood. That’s high risk and the doctor should be taking action to fix that, not to continue the operation. But no one cares! They mop up the blood and go about killing Kwon!

— Dr. Vendetta

Throughout the footage, Kwon loses an unbelievable amount of blood — all of which gets mopped or suctioned away. And, to Dr. Vendetta’s disbelief, Kwon does not receive a single bag of blood in the entirety of the operation. With a total of 13 rounds of mopping, Kwon is estimated to have lost about 3.5 liters of blood.

Inevitably, Kwon had trouble recovering from the surgery. When all of his vitals dropped to critical levels, Center A transferred Kwon to a larger medical facility. Even until this moment, Kwon had not been given any blood. At the transferred hospital, Kwon remained unconscious for 49 days before passing away on October 6, 2016.

The late Kwon Dae Hee with his mother and his older brother

Only when the footage surfaced, Kwon’s mother was able to bring Center A to court for neglecting proper care for Kwon as the patient. While Kwon’s mother expected the head doctor to be penalized in the face law, the verdict let Center A off with a $325,000 USD compensation to the family. Even when Kwon’s mother appealed, the court did not look further into the matter and dismissed the case.

Korean Court

Four years since Kwon’s death, his mother remains dedicated to sharing the truth about Center A and making Koreans aware of the dirty business that goes on behind closed OR doors. Center A, on the other hand, continues to be successful in business — still advertising themselves to be accident free and on a strict one-doctor-from-start-to-finish system.

Center A
Source: YouTube, Hankook Ilbo, E Daily and FN News