Korean Plastic Surgeons Analyzed The Visual Points Of Each TWICE Member

These face experts have TWICE’s looks down perfectly.

Many K-Pop idols are so beautiful that everyday people take the stars’ photos to their plastic surgeons as references. As such, many plastic surgeons in Korea pay close attention to idols’ visuals—and Dr. Trio are no exception. The YouTube medical team formed of plastic surgeon Dr. Deok Jun, dermatologist Dr. Woo Seon, and family doctor Dr. Si Wan recently sat down to analyze TWICE’s faces, and these are the most charming visual points they picked out for each member.


According to Dr. Trio, Nayeon’s main charming point is her front teeth, which have earned her the nickname “Rabbit”. Dr. Si Wan noted that the slightly protruding teeth are unique in the celebrity world, which is what makes her so beautiful. Plus, the doctors said her beautiful lips match them well.

Dr. Trio went on to praise Nayeon’s nose, eyes, forehead proportions, and youthful face despite being the older member in the group. Nayeon’s celebrity lookalikes according to the team are S.E.S’s Eugene and 2NE1’s Sandara Park.


The main charming point the doctors discussed in Jeongyeon is her aegyo sal—the fat pockets under her eyes. Aegyo sal gives a youthful impression, and the doctors pointed out that it goes well with Jeongyeon’s “boyish” girl crush charm.

Dr. Trio went on to praise Jeongyeon’s luxurious look, saying she’s reminiscent of a Chinese actress or model for a luxury brand.


When it came to Momo, Dr. Trio focused mainly on her large eyes. Dr. Woo Seon said her Momo’s eyes are so big, he feels like they’re sucking him in.

The doctors couldn’t think of any celebrity lookalikes, but they did note the origin of her nickname, “Moguri”. “Moguri” is a combination of “Momo” and the Korean word “neoguri”, which means raccoon. Dr. Trio said her bright expressions make her look just like one.


According to Dr. Trio, Sana’s main charming point is her jawline. Sana has a slight chin dimple, which the doctors likened to Western faces (including that of Superman). They said that the dimple is very attractive on her, despite it rarely being praised in women. They also noted that the way her nose, lips, and chin line up in profile view is like “the standard line of beauty”.

Dr. Trio went on to talk about Sana’s adorable chubby cheeks, which give her a hamster-like look


As with Momo, Dr. Trio said Jihyo’s most charming visual point is her big eyes, which Dr. Woo Seon likened to a vast ocean. Dr. Si Wan said Jihyo’s eyes, nose, and lips are so pretty, he wants to use her face as a plastic surgery model.

The doctors also discussed how impressive it was that Jihyo stuck to training for a decade before finally debuting with TWICE.


The main charming point Dr. Trio picked up on for Mina is her overall actress-model vibe. They instantly picked up on how convincing one of her cosmetics endorsement photos was, showing how bright and clear her skin is.

Overall, Dr. Trio described Mina’s look as innocent. They went on to say that her “Black Swan” nickname should really be “White Swan” because of her angelic, romance movie visuals.


Dr. Trio picked up on a few charming points for Dahyun. For one, her cute features give her a refreshing vibe almost like an orange. They also noted how bright and soft her skin is, which is why her nickname is “Tofu”.

The doctors also brought up a clip of Dahyun’s viral eagle dance, which is still a memorable moment to this day. They said it shows off her playful image perfectly.


According to Dr. Trio, Chaeyoung’s main charming point is her very pretty cat-like face. Dr. Deok Jun noted just how much she looks like The Lion King’s Simba, and the other doctors all agreed.

Dr. Woo Seon went on to explain that the uncanny similarity is down to her eye corners, nose line, and lips, all of which have a feline quality.


Last but not least, Dr. Trio came to Tzuyu, whose visuals are so famous that Dr. Si Wan said there was “no need for words”. They described her charm as “a beauty that’s hard to approach” as well as “fresh and pretty”.

Dr. Trio almost mentioned Tzuyu’s “Chocolate” nickname, which comes from her warm skintone.

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