Korean Pole Dance Instructor Reveals The Most Outrageous KakaoTalk Inquiry She Receives From A Shameless Man

Netizens are baffled by the “requests”.

An anonymous Korean pole dance instructor shared a string of KakaoTalk messages she received from an unknown man…

Picture Unrelated | Korean women learning how to pole dance

… and his shameless inquiry has the internet baffled AF. In the screenshot shared by the instructor, this man asks if he can “sit in” during a class — with some very specific requests.


Even when the instructor turns him down as politely as possible, the man insisted she considers the money. He kept trying to “buy” the class time.

The instructor criticized the man for being disrespectful toward the sport of pole dancing — as well as everyone who chose to teach it as a profession.

When the instructor posted the screenshot online, it went viral for the “pure and utter nastiness” of its nature. Some netizens commented their own horror stories of “creepy men lurking” around pilates, ballet, and other classes. Most claimed that the art of “pole dancing” still comes across only as a “sexual performance” in Korea — and that the generalization must stop.

Picture Unrelated | Korean woman pole dancing
  • “Pole dancing is an official sport with competitions and everything. No one pole dances naked. What a f*cking bullsh*t party.”
  • “Why do people still think pole dancing is all sexual? My bias picked up pole dancing as a hobby and people lost their sh*t once. I guess nothing has changed since then…”
  • “I take pilates classes and we have this ahjussi who comes up to the window and stares inside. When the owner confronted him and asked him what he’s doing, he said, ‘What, I can’t even watch?‘ So… It’s a f*cking trash fire.”
  • “I know strip clubs also have pole dancers, so these f*ckers without brains might think that’s all there is to it… But wow. The ignorance.”
  • “My friend used to take ballet classes for fun too. And that ballet school had muscular men sign up, come to class, and ogle their eyes out at the instructors and the female students. The world is full of sh*theads.”

Meanwhile, K-Pop idols have embraced pole dancing to stay toned and healthy. Watch MAMAMOO Solar‘s most graceful double with her instructor:

Source: News Snack and THEQOO