Korean “Spectator” At Pyeongchang Olympics Going Viral For Being Way Too Smooth

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics have started and headlines around the world are filled with the incredible events, new records, and… this spectator who is smooth as hell taking off his sunglasses.

In addition to the standard events, memes from the event are going viral and what’s even more amazing is that this same spectator was also caught dabbing in front of a different camera!

As if that wasn’t unusual enough, it runs out that the “spectator” is not your average person. He isn’t average for just being the king of memes… He’s actually Alex Kam, a South Korean Olympic figure skater!

Alex Kam revealed that he was both the sunglasses spectator and the dabbing spectator through Reddit and on his personal Instagram.

But, he didn’t go to the Pyeongchang Olympics to just be the king of memes, he is actually participating in the Olympics as well!

Everyone is looking forward to his future events in the Olympics, his memes, and everything else is about him.

Alex confessed that being praised as the king of memes was better than the gold medals he earned so far.

2018 Korea Winter Olympics